Magarach — Wallpaper Set


A light Wallpaper Set for all the strong men and women who keep the world going.

These images are not only inspired by the flavors and colors of Ukraine, but also represent a visual interpretation of the color spectrum most perceptible to 3/4 of the colorblind people. The fact that certain colors that symbolize strong emotional reactions (such as yellow, which symbolizes joy and optimism, or blue, which is the color of peace and harmony) are shared by such a diverse group of people is an opportunity to better understand, include and connect with others…

Magarach was designed with a nod to the strong men and women of our armed forces and is offered as a light-hearted way to honor those who protect our countries.

Anyone who is interested in receiving these wallpapers for free can enter a zero value in the box below “Name a fair price:”.

However, if you appreciate our work and would like to support us, you can submit a value higher than zero.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create times of peace. Times of peace create weak men. Weak men create hard times.”

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  • Bastard De Magaraci — PNG (2.1 MB)


  1. Jewath 01 — PNG (3.8 MB)
  2. Jewath 02 — PNG (3.1 MB)


  1. Sereksia 01 — PNG (3.8 MB)
  2. Sereksia 02 — PNG (3.8 MB)
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Magarach — Wallpaper Set

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